DocRecord Web Client User Interface

The DocRecord Web Client is a web-based application designed to work with your web browser. Prism recommends using Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

To access the Web Client interface, load http://hostname/DocRecord where "hostname" is the name of the server hosting the Web Client if you are on an internal network, or the domain name hosting the Web Client if you are logging in remotely.

After loading the DocRecord Web Client, you will see the login prompt: Enter the username and password for the administrator of DocRecord Web Client to login.

After logging in,  the left side will display the folder tree structure. From here, a user can browse the tree structure and view all the documents within the selected folder. Any folders or documents that the user does not have permissions to view will not be shown.


Adjusting the Size of the Interface

Adjusting the Entire User Interface

The user interface will readjust its size as the size of your browser window is adjusted. Simply adjust the window size as normal to shrink or enlarge the interface as a whole.

Adjusting Pane Width

At any point you can use the splitter bar to change the view of the DocRecord Web Client. The split-screen design allows you to easily see the folders in the Folder pane on the left-side and the documents/search results on the right-side.

Mouse over to the border between the panes. The pointer will change as depicted above. Click and drag to resize.

Adjust Column Headers

You can change column headers in the Documents, Search Results and Queries Panes. Click and drag a column header to group by that column. Example:



Folders contains all the DocRecord Folders (Workflow, Favorites, Root and its Folders and Awaiting Commit ). A Folder is a container that contains other Folders and/or points to Documents within DocRecord. Folders are primarily used for security settings and not for indexing. It is important to remember that Folders are not indexes, and are independent. A Document can be within multiple Folders, however, only one file is actually stored in the database. Folders contain references to the file (Document) not the actual Document itself.

Note: To learn more about Folders, please see the Folders topic.



Documents is one of the main sections of the DocRecord user interface. Documents contains a list of the DocRecord Documents within the selected Folder.

Note: To learn more about Documents, please see the Documents topic.


Document Preview Pane

The Document Preview Pane contains a preview of the document selected in the Document List as well as metadata information.

Note: To learn more about the Document Preview Pane, please see the Document Preview Pane topic.


Document Properties Pane

The Document Properties Pane displays fields and options for a Document.

Note: To learn more about the Document Properties Pane, please see the Document Properties Pane topic.


Search Results Pane

The Search Results Pane displays the search results (Documents) for searches and queries. This pane refreshes with each new search or query.

Note: To learn more about the Search Results Pane, please see the Search Results Pane topic.


Advanced Search Pane

The Advanced Search Pane allows you to enter keywords and attributes to search for the Documents, their documents, and properties.

Note: To learn more about the Advanced Search Pane, please see the Advanced Search Pane topic.


Query Pane

The Query Pane displays a list of all the current queries and their description. From the Queries Pane users can run queries with the results displaying in the Search Results Pane.

Note: To learn more about the Query Pane, please see the Query Pane topic.